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Yesterday we were able to offer a sneak peak at the innovations! Today, we have full product photos and details to share with you!!


Ceramics Marbled Seagreen (656) – Line Extension

The soft, pleasant sensation of foaming sea-green water is captured in the unique glazed surface of this new Ceramics colour. With its discreet elegance and natural appearance, it has an almost vintage-inspired elegance when coupled with soft pinks such as Light Rose and Vintage Rose.

Ceramics Marbled Terracotta (655) – Line Extension

The latest Ceramics colour is a down-to-earth tone that speaks of autumn forest floors and clay artefacts. Inspired by nature, the craquelle glaze finish offers a softness and modernity to the product. It is perfect to highlight the earthy brown hues from Silk to Smoky Quartz.

Ceramics Mesh – Line extension

Offering the possibility of spectacular creations and endless design combinations, Ceramics Mesh transcends both fashion and interior designs and integrates beautifully with other SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS products. Customised motifs are able to be developed through Special Motif Service.


New Colour – Sunflower (292)

Yellow carries the promise of a positive future in the theory of colour. The new colour Sunflower evokes memories of sunshine and laughter and captures the essence of summer. Yellow will advance from surrounding colours and offers enlightenment and happiness.

New Effect – Crystal Silver Night (001 SINI)

Sleek and sophisticated with its refined, almost translucent silver finish, Crystal Silver Night is perfectly suited to the current trend for refined, unobtrusive hues. It marries perfectly with Black Diamond and Jet to create a modern, monochromatic colour combination.

New Colour – Crystal Light Gold Pearl (001 539)

Offering understated elegance, the new Crystal Light Gold Pearl has an air of nostalgia, luxury and understated nostalgia and is perfectly on trend for the current catwalk directions toward revisiting the classics. It works beautifully in tone-on-tone combinations with other delicate crystal colours or Crystal Pearl colours and receives a modern update when teamed with metallic hues.

Protective Coatings: Crystal Bermuda Blue P (001 BBL) and Crystal Tabac P (001 TAB) – New effect/Line extension

Crystal Bermuda Blue and Crystal Tabac are now available on selected Pendants and Beads.

The “P” in the colour name stands for “Protective Layer”, which is a new lacquer system that is applied over the effects Crystal Bermuda Blue or Crystal Tabac. This lacquer is designed to protect the effects from scratches, fingerprints and other damage and also helps to prevent moisture that can lead to corrosion (e.g. from perspiration) penetrating into the effect layer when jewellery is designed to incorporate Crystal Stones that are not set in casings/settings.

Crystal Prints on Pendants and Beads – Line extension

Crystal Prints are an innovative new look available for the Pendants and Beads assortment. Three of the standard articles have been decorated with three different standard motifs that create an attractive contrast between the clear, transparent crystal and the black, graphic prints. The innovative designs open up endless possibilities for individual creations that are able to capitalise on both the play of light and brilliance of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and the graphic structural patterns printed on the surface of the crystal.


Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix (2080/4) – Line extension

The current SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range has now been enlarged to include pearl effects – a major trend direction of the moment. Due to this line extension, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS can now offer increased variety, combination and application possibilities in the textile, fashion and accessories segments. It opens up a new dimension for our application partners; enabling them to offer pearl motifs and designs in varied classic pearl effects.

Cosmic Flat Back Hotfix (2520) – New article

One of the best selling No Hotfix items is now available as an Hotfix element in the same colour and effect range. The regular, symmetrical shape offers a modern geometric design element (not incorporated in the Transfers product range). The application is recommended from the reverse side due to the pointed front side of the Cosmic Flat Back.

Butterfly Flat Back No Hotfix (2854) – New article

The new Butterfly Flat Back is a symbol of rebirth and reinvention and fits perfectly within the current trend for nostalgic elements. Botanics are being seen in major design areas from interiors to fashion and accessories. This article is easy to glue on any material, whether it is plastic, wood, glass or textile backings.

Lochrose (3129 P288) – New article

With its timeless, classic style the Lochrose fits perfectly into the newly revived trend for embroidery. Unique in the market due to the possibility of industrial application using high-quality standard embroidery machines, it is able to be used on large surfaces as well as on various materials, including leather.

Hexagon Sew-on Stone (3261) – New article

The new Hexagon Sew-on Stone has a sophisticated and elegant design, which can be used in combination with various other shapes. Due to its classic, yet enduringly modern shape it offers endless design possibilities. It can be sewn on fabric for soft fashion accessories and jewellery.

De-Art Family–New article (Sew-on Stone, Flat Fancy Stone, Fancy Stone)

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS continues the innovation of the popular De-Art family with a strong graphic direction. The cut is now available on Sew-on Stones and Fancy Stones. Due to its elegant and sophisticated shape, it allows innovative and aesthetic design combinations. It is perfect for traditional textile and accessories application, but also for soft fabric jewellery – a current trend incorporating jewellery and needlework.

XILION Oval (4128) – Upgrade

The sophisticated XILION cut is patent protected by Swarovski and results in unique brilliance.
The classic cut makes this Crystal Stone extremely versatile. The existing Settings and moulds can still be used for the application of XILION Oval.

Nautilus Fancy Stone (4196) – New article

The creation of the Nautilus Fancy Stone was inspired by the beautiful underwater world. The result is a bold and desirable piece, perfect for creating a style statement. It can easily be used as a clasp on a handbag, or integrated into bold jewellery pieces.

Sphinx Eye (4200) – Line extension

The Sphinx Eye is based on the ever-popular classic Navette shape. This elongated shape showcases an almost avant-garde style while still remaining classic. Particularly suited to fashion, accessories and jewellery.

Lucerna Bead (5030) – New article

Inspired by Asia, the shape of this modern bead is a direct reflection of a Chinese lantern as its name Lucerna, latin for lantern, suggests. The inspired design perfectly suits the trend towards clustered and threaded jewellery, making it ideal for contemporary pieces.

Clover Bead (5752) – New article

The Clover Bead captives by its new romantic and naïve shape. It evokes childhood memories and is reminiscent of good luck symbols. It can be seen as a collectible item as a lucky charm, most suitable for accessories, jewellery and DIY.

Large Hole Beads (5900, 5914, 5942, 5944, 5954) – Hole upgrades

Five bestselling shapes from the Beads assortment are now available with a large hole, making them even more versatile. Due to the hole upgrade, the Beads are perfect for leather and thick fabric threads. The large hole also ensures that the article can be used on thin metal chains, a very popular on-going trend.

Crystal Baroque Pearl (5840) – Line extension

The softly seductive, organic shape of the Crystal Baroque Pearl ensures that it remains a key player in the on-going trend for eco-awareness. With its wonderful effects and smooth light reflection, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS continues the success story with a size extension to 6 mm.

Helios Pendant (6040) – New article

The Helios Pendant has a modern and progressive shape with a large oval hole that offers limitless design possibilities. Its unique design makes it ideal for contemporary jewellery. The facets resemble sunrays which are expressed in its name: the name Helios comes from the Greek mythology and means “God of the Sun”.

XILION Mini Pear Pendant (6128) – New article

Perfectly matching the Pear-shaped Pendant (art. 6106), this new small Pendant with XILION cut (no upgrade) is ideal for chandelier earrings or drops on glamorous, colourful necklaces. It offers limitless design possibilities.

Wild Heart Pendant (6240) – New article

The elongated shape with asymmetric faceting allows a new interpretation of the heart symbol, the symbol of eternal love.


Crystaltex-it Chaton Bandings (62030) – New article

Small XILION Chatons transform this new product into an exciting, luxurious and unique statement in the fashion world. The XILION Chatons offer unmatched brilliance and a copyright protected cut. The target segments are fashion accessories, textile, interior, jewellery and new segments.

Crystal Fabric (57000) – Line extension

Perfectly in line with the discreet minimalism currently being showcased in the design world, the extension of the unique colour range for Crystal Fabric opens up new dimensions for application partners. Crystal Fabric transforms textiles into true luxury items.

Chessboard Button (1812/100, 1812/120) – Line extension

With its discreetly modern look and range of colours and casings, the Chessboard Button allows myriad combination possibilities within the design world.

Rose Pins (53301 (SS 10), 53302 (SS 16), 53303 (SS 20), 53304 (SS 34)) – New article

Due to their size and the vast colour range, Rose Pins are able to be easily integrated into many and varied designs. Their ability to be used on leather and natural hides makes them a front-runner for the current interior and fashion design trends which rely heavily on the use of natural materials.

Single Stone Setting (117704S39H2C1028F) – New article

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ new Single Stone Setting offers unlimited application possibilities – from jewellery to DIY, fashion and accessories. The graceful shape has an extremely broad appeal across age groups and cultures.

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