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Tips for Applying Swarovski Elements Flat Backs

Posted on: December 18, 2009

If you like the look of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Flat Backs but are unsure of the best way to apply them, you are not alone!

Since Flat Backs come with or without Hotfix, figuring out which to use depends on what you are applying them to.

Fabric: You can use Flat Backs With Hotfix on all Fabrics except Leather, and Swarovski guarantees they will not fall off! Wash them, Dry Clean them, swim with them, do whatever you want with no worries!

When applying Flat Backs with Hotfix:

Start off by using a “tester” piece of material to practice before attempting to make your final project.  Depending on the material, your heat temperature and applying time may vary.

When applying Flat Backs with Hotfix to fabric, we highly recommend putting a piece of Teflon paper in between your fabric and any other fabric involved, and on top of your Flat Backs design.

You can then use a household iron to heat them (Household irons usually reach 250 – 340 degrees Fahrenheit).  Hold your iron down over the design without movement.  The time you should hold your iron down is usually around 30 seconds, however varies depending on the fabric.

Note: There are specific Hotfix applicator tools and other types of irons available at your local Arts and Crafts store if you do not want to use your household iron.

When applying Flat Backs with No Hotfix:

If you are NOT using fabric for your next creative project, then we recommend using Flat Backs with No Hotfix.  Instead of Hotfix, we recommend using a Two-Part Epoxy Glue/Adhesive to secure your Flat Backs onto other materials like glass, plastic, suede or other metals.

Oprah's Favorite Things! Pens with Swarovski Crystals As Stocking Stuffers!

Need more help? Post your questions here!

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[…] Flat Backs with Hotfix (HF) are also loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue.  These Flat Backs are easily applied by heat to a range of textile carrier materials and produce a durable and long lasting crystal sparkle.  For tips on how to correctly apply Flat Backs HF go to:… […]

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